Which Model Train Set For Adults?

There is a huge amount of variety out there today but which is the best model train set for adults?

To the person that is not familiar with model trains or model railroading they can all look the same… But, to the person in the know there is a huge difference.

The first thing to know about the person you are buying for is, are they likely to expand the model train set you give them into a bigger model railroad?

Some adults are content with just having their model train set operational at Christmas around the tree or on a table… Knowing this will help you choose the best model train set for an adult.

The next thing to consider is the size or scale of the model train set. A small scale will allow a bigger set in a smaller area, while a bigger scale might suit the more mature person with failing eyesight.

Controlling the locomotive has advanced a long way lately and in the past you would have bought a DC powered train, whereas today I would suggest you only look at the DCC controlled model train set. This will give the user much more functionality and enjoyment from their new model train set.

Model train sets have been made to represent almost every real life railroad that ever existed. Some people prefer the old steam engine era, while others prefer the diesel locomotive because it reminds them of where they used to live. This is a personal preference and has no bearing on the functionality of the train set, but it’s worth considering. 

Price is the last consideration, because you do get what you pay for. Model train sets for adults are usually upwards of $100 with the better ones closer to $500. Model train sets with longer track, are easily expanded and have a more robust and effecient locomotive will cost more.

That gives you some idea of what to look for in a good model train set for an adult. Have fun and please tell us which model train set you picked up…



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