Top 3 Model Train Mistakes

Railroading is an expensive hobby and requires a complicated amount of detail to create a finished landscape that looks good and works well.

There are many problems that people run into which I will outline below:

  1. One of the first things to choose when starting out is the scale and gauge of your tracks and trains. This is to do with the size of your models. They must all have the same scale in order for there to be no compatibility problems. The relevant information should always be shown on the packaging when you buy a new component.
  2. Not preparing well before starting is another mistake. The two most important things you must do is to make sure you have enough room to build a landscape that you want and that you have enough money to get all the model trains and tracks that you need.
  3. Going too big right away you will make a set that is full of voids because you have not enough features to fill them with. To counter this problem you should start out small and then slowly build your way up in terms of scale. You do not have to build the whole thing in a day or even a week. Railroading is a hobby that is meant to take a long time. Some people take even years to complete their model train project, but when it takes this long the finished product looks usually very good and is certainly worth all the effort.

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