Share Your Model Railroading Tips

Do you have any model railroading tips that you would like to share?

Times are tough financially for some model railroaders, while some beginners are just looking for different ways to do things… So any tips and tricks would be much appreciated.

Just scroll down and leave them in the comments area below… Thank you!

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13 Responses to “Share Your Model Railroading Tips”

  1. Brian says:

    An easy way to attach track to the roadbed is to use a low temperature hot glue gun. It looks much more realistic than seeing nails and is easy to pull up if you mess things up.

  2. Don says:

    when in HO and N scale people have a hard time with automatic switching You can bury the small door and window switches in track easy to disguise and if trains or running a little fast put in 3 or 4 sections of isolated slower track wise also to put in a double pole double throw switch for track current (would not want to change direction for some reason and forget your section) if you have a problem with a two pole switch or understand the workings another option is to install a pot (rheostat) from main line to isolated track speed is then always controlled in a proportioned amount

  3. Wayne says:

    I like n gage the best. It is small but big enough to have fun with. It also takes up less room and fits nicely on an 4 X 8 plywood.

  4. Dix says:

    Hi I’m new to this, any curve track laying tip for 32mm gauge in less than 30 inches space will be most welcome.


  5. dave rumbelow says:

    My name is David Rumbelow, sadly my 17 n gauge locos and track are packed away as 4 pcs and printers are in my train workspace as I am a tour guide with my own business.
    In Cape Town, where I live we have a group of plants called “Fynbos” this is Dutch for fine bush, it makes perfect miniature trees. Fynbos is found at Mediterranean latitudes, You might find some in the Nappa Valley or in the mid regions of California.
    Should you find these plants and want to grow them in a colder part of the world, simply file the husk of the seed almost through, that way the plant will grow where it is not meant to. Dry they make a good base for making natural trees. \

  6. dave rumbelow says:

    Always wear shoes when using a glue gun, even on a hot day- personal experience

  7. dave rumbelow says:

    I went to my local computer shop and found a copy of build your own model railway on your pc by Focuss and I would like to know if you have reveiwed it as it is the only way I am able to build a layout these days.
    Has anyone seen this’
    Also if you want to know where to find out more about Fynbos and how to grow it you can to Kirstenbosch Botanical Gardens on the web, they will even sell you seeds. How ever first you will have to find out from your country if you can import them. As a matter of intrest we are the smallest floristic area in the world with the greatest number of plant species 8,600.
    If you want I can photograph the species that would look best on a layout.
    Also for an article, you might want to look at
    Rovos is owned by Rowan Vos, who rescewed trains from his father’s scrapyard and runs one of the finest restored railways in the world.
    If you want me to get you more information about this railway I can.

  8. jake says:

    I have been building mountains with paper and plaster. They look real good, but today i finaly used a roll of plaster cloth from woodland scenery that iv’e had for some time. WELL no more paper towels. WOW what a nice job the plaster cloth does, and dries like right now, and no more nasty cleanups. Well worth the money spent.

    • Suman says:

      I wanted to know who makes that MDT scewthir it runs really good and usually short wheelbase engines run like crap yet this one seems very reliable,I like your layout is it all switching or do you have a mainline also I like your style. Steve

  9. Chris says:

    I am a fan of model railroading and my set is O scale p.s. it is older than i am it was passed down. Please take note that I am a 14 in roanoke,va so I see alot of trains but back on subject, wouldn’t use that I use the stirofoam on homes under consruction.It is messy when shaping but it does give a nice texture. for grass and rocks.

  10. Sushil says:

    Shoe brush bristles are good in making grass keep it long or cut it short.Color and glue it on the layout.

  11. John says:

    Creating grass, forest floor and meadows. I utilise the Owens Corning insulation as a base and then paint it a dirt colour. Then I take used dryer sheets and paint them by dabbing on the colour, usually green, and then with a thick brush dipped in water, I spread the colour throughout the sheet. I then cut the sheet to fit the area and tack it in place. I place clear school glue on top of the sheet rubbing it around to seal the sheet to the base. Whilst it is drying I then apply any scatter material I want directly on the wet surface of the sheet. Utilising the dryer sheets seals the base and adds texture to your scene and also allows you to add material directly onto it all in one step. In many cases I use peat moss that I put through a tea strainer which give a very realistic forest floor appearance.

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