Realistic Model Railroading At It’s Absolute Best

Who would have thought that a model railroad could attract over 1 million people a year.

The Miniatur Wunderland Hamburg is one of the most successful tourist attractions in Germany.

It has taken over 5,000 working hours in the last 10 years to create.

More than a thousand trains, aircraft, cars and ships create this miniature world. it is based on a 1,300 square meter layout and there are plans until 2014 to expand it significantly.

There is no trick photography or computer animation in that video… It is all real!

Tell us what you think of this model railroad…

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One Response to “Realistic Model Railroading At It’s Absolute Best”

  1. Larry Hamilton says:

    Someone recently shared a link to your website with me. Your model is what I have longed to have or be a part of. I live in the US. Maybe one of these days I’ll hake the trip to Germany.
    I seen many models here in the US. Nothing comes close.
    Have you consider expanding to other markets. I would love to discuss a similar model here in the US with you.

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