Pocono Valley Model Railroad by Jim Moore

Thanks to Jim Moore for providing these photos.

Jim has modeled Pocono Valley, Eastern PA in the 60’s-70’s.

His model railroad is HO Scale.

Do you have any photos of your model railroad that you would like to share?

All photos are appreciated and will help someone…

Please send them to modeltrainsforbeginners[@]gmail.com

poco va 009

poco va 010

poco va 011

Please leave your comments below…

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7 Responses to “Pocono Valley Model Railroad by Jim Moore”

  1. HENRY PAISTE says:

    Hi — Well- you HAVE been busy… Congratulations
    particularly on your choice of and building of your
    various structures.. terrific. Congratulations.
    Do you have any concept of what your model railroad
    has cost from step one to finished product ? I am
    living in the So. Eastern Pa. Veterans Center and
    am at the beginning phase of cost estimation re the
    building of a model railroad (HO) for the Veterans
    here… many of which are experienced in HO.
    Just curious. Thanks.. Henry (PS Spent most of my
    summer vacations in the Pocono Mts. ie Buck Hill. Ever
    hear of it ?

  2. Dave Snow says:

    Nice photos! My sister lives in Greentown, PA, up there!
    Your buildings look great and authentic for that region!

  3. David Wells says:

    Very nice layout. You have been working hard, and it shows very well. I am just starting mine, and got some good ideas from you.

  4. Bob says:

    Nice layout including background. Nice use of greenery along the tracks. Your time and effort shows and is greatly appreciated. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Donde says:

    Hi Jim,
    Nice layout, thanx for taking the time to send photos, I like the details in the windows, grass along the right of way… well done !!!!!!

  6. John says:

    Hello, hope all is well with you and that your still working away on your layout, after all I find that no matter how much you do, there’s slways something else to do, I find that part great, however , as good as your photos look and it’s obvious the amount of detailing you have done is there for all to see, I was wondering if your layout is all on the flat or have you any higher or lower levels. I’m working on my 200 sq ft n scale layout here in Ireland , photos soon I hope , and I find that a layout should slways have hills and valleys etc. don’t get me wrong please. I hope your open to a little bit of constructive advise. As it is it’s a superb layout. I’m a long way to go yet but I’m working on 3 levels with various hills and mountains to take the flatness out of the layout, well done on great work especially the weathering. God bless

  7. GERoach says:

    Very nice looking for the individual area shots. How about some wider scenic shots,shooting down the length of the layout to show what they look like combined. Keep up the good work on your layout.

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