How To Build Roads And Paved Areas For Your Model Railroad

Here’s a great video explaining how to easily create roads and paved areas for your model railroad using the Woodland Scenics range of products.

Matt takes you step-by-step through the process of making a road and a railroad crossing.

Here are the items mentioned (or shown) in the video:

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Dave’s Model Train Layout After 2 Years Of Work

Dave has built an amazing model train layout over the years. Have a look at the video below which was taken in 2009 after 2 years of work on his model train layout.

We often get emails from frustrated beginners who are complaining about how long it takes to plan a model train layout and get it finished… I just shake my head when I read them. It’s the “I want it now” mentality that ruins the enjoyment that could be had.

A model train layout is never finished… As Dave has demonstrated! 

Enjoy the adventure… That’s why building a model train layout is such an amazing hobby. Look at the amount of fun Dave has had since about 2007.

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Improving Your Model Railroad With Simple Animations

There is nothing better than a well detailed and realistic looking model railroad And Laurie is the King of detailing his model railroad…

Have a look at the video below to see how Laurie has added some clever animation to his Blackstone C-19 locomotive and caboose.

It is amazing what can be achieved with some creativity. I realise that Laurie is an exception, but have a look at his fireman shoveling coal, the firedoor flashing on the back of the boiler, the animated brakeman swinging a working lantern and the rear marker lights. They are just awesome!  

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Laurie Makes Fine Adjustments To His Blackstone Locomotive Bells

Laurie is a perfectionist and has made some fine adjustments to his Blackstone locomotive bells.

The bell swing action now perfectly matches the Tsunami sound. 

A model railroad is never finished and it is a lot of fun… Look out for the Hollywood car in the background!

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Model Railroad Tunnel Access

Many of you asked how Dave gets access to any trains that may derail in his long tunnel… Well the video below demonstrates how.

So many beginners make the mistake of creating elaborate tunnels in mountains and completely forget about need to get access after a derailment. Hopefully this video has helped. Please comment below…

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Adding a Working Bell and Lights to a Steam Engine

Laurie has added a working bell and lights to this Hon3 Blackstone K-27 locomotive.

Laurie achieved this by installing a tiny motor in the cabin which is connected to a 2nd decoder. The decoder is programmed to work the bell, the classification marker lamps and the firebox flicker under the locomotive.

It looks sensational…

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Model Train Tunnel Construction

Watch this video as Dave demonstrates how he constructed his new tunnels for his model railroad.

Take note of when Dave explains the removable section to correct any future derailments. Often beginners will create elaborate tunnels and forget about access when the train derails in the tunnel.

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Modified Blackstone C-19 Locomotives And Coaches To Inspire You

This is a demonstration by Laurie of his 3 Blackstone HOn3 C-19 locomotives.

Laurie is a brilliant model railroader and has modified these locomotives to include much more functionality and animations… Look out for these in the video, they are amazing.

2nd decoders, installation of SMD LED’s and perfectly synced working bells with the Tsunami bell sounds is just some of the extras Laurie has added. Enjoy the video…

The Blackstone C-19 locomotives all come with Soundtraxx Tsunami DCC which are great quality. 


How To Set Up A Model Train Set for Adults

Looking for information on how to set up a model train set for adults?

Then check out this video which shows how to set up a Walthers HO scale trainline model train set.

Model train sets are a great way to get started in the hobby. But model train sets for adults differ from the toy trains that are made for kids.

The Walthers Trainline HO scale Canadian Pacific freight train set is a great train set for adults. Click here for more information…

A Model Railroad Is Never Finished

A model railroad is never finished and this is what makes model railroading so much fun.

Things will always need changing and upgrading, so don’t think for a minute that you’ll build your model railroad and then have nothing to do. Model railroading is a lifetime hobby and that means a lifetime of fun and enjoyment.

Watch the video below as Dave takes you through the upgrades and changes he is making to his fantastic model railroad in his loft. Dave also demonstrates his new hot wire cutter which eliminates all the mess involved with cutting foam.

Items mentioned in the video:
>> Woodland Scenics Hot Wire Foam Cutter
>> Woodland Scenics Riser
>> Woodland Scenics Scene-A-Rama Plaster Cloth



Model Train Sets For Adults: Lionel BNSF Ice Cold Express Train Set O-Scale

This is a video review of suggested model train sets for adults.

Eric reviews the Lionel BNSF Ice Cold Express (O-Scale) which is a great model train set for adults. This is a highly detailed model train set and a solid performer. If you are looking for a fully functional train set then you should have a look at this… 

>> Model Train Sets For Adults

>> Lionel Train Sets

>> Lionel BNSF Ice Cold Express O-Scale Train Set


Model Railroader Magazine

Model Railroader Magazine has been the go to model railroading magazine for many years.

Watch the video below as Editor Neil Besougloff explains what’s new in next months issue.

If you are a beginner, an experienced model railroader or just an armchair model railroader, then this is the best model railroading magazine on the market for you. Click the link below the video for a discounted subscription.

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Model Train Review: Lionel Burlington Northern SD-60, Crane & Boom Cars

This is a video review of the Lionel Burlington Northern SD-60 Legacy diesel locomotive and the Burlington Northern Command Control Crane and Boom Cars.

Click the video to play and turn up your speakers…

Features of the Lionel Burlington Northern Leagacy SD60 Diesel Locomotive #8302:

  • Legacy Control System equipped
  • Odyssey II Speed Control
  • Legacy RailSounds
  • Directional Lighting
  • Fan-driven smoke unit
  • Adjustable smoke unit
  • Illuminated cab interior and number boards
  • Engineer and fireman figures
  • Gauge: Standard O
  • Length: 18″
  • more features here

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>> Lionel

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G-Scale Model Railroad At The Living Desert

The huge G-Scale model train display at The Living Desert is something worth seeing…

The model trains became an addition to The Living Desert in 1998. It was supposed to be a display that would only run in the evenings as part of the WildLights, but due to the poularity of the layout it now runs full time during the park opening hours.

Most of the locomotives, rolling stock, track and switches are made by LGB. 

>> The Living Desert G-Scale Model Railroad


From Playstation To Model Railroading

The “Bognor Regis Observer” reported that the Playstation generation is given new meaning.

The kids of today have been labelled the “Playstation” generation (correctly or incorrectly) because they tend to spend most of their time on the Playstation.

But in Bognor Regis a group of kids have been inspired to try their hand at Model Railroading. The local model railroad club created a 12 week course where the experienced model railroaders showed the kids their skills with huge success.

They have spent one Saturday a month helping to build a new layout for the town’s model railway club rather than playing on the computer games console. The results of their work since last spring will be on show for the first time at the club’s latest annual exhibition this weekend. The layout created by the members of the junior section of the club – such as Aaron Wallace, 15 – with its adult members is called Troutbeck Bridge… [full article here]

Model Train Review: O Scale Lionel 6-28371 Union Pacific DD35A Diesel Locomotive

This is a video review of the O scale Lionel 6-28371 Union Pacific DD35A Diesel Locomotive with Legacy.

This is an awesome diesel locomotive in O scale with outstanding features and great sound.

The DD35 was basically 2 GP35 diesel locomotives on a single chassis making up 88ft of locomotive.

Watch the video for a great review by Eric. Click the video to play and turn up your sound…

Video by esiegel76

>> Lionel Union Pacific DD35A Diesel Locomotive
>> Lionel Trains

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Model Trains For Beginners Is Reversing The Decline In Model Railroading

Model Trains For Beginners has been on a mission since 2008 to reverse the decline in model Railroading.

Dan Morgan of says that the kids of today are missing out because a video game will never give you as much pleasure as planning, building and constructing a working model railroad. We live in an instant gratification age where the kids want to take the wrapping off a package and be playing in 2 minutes… So, it’s up to us as parents and grandparents to show them what they are missing out on. reported on the decline in model railroading with members of the West Fargo Club…


Don Radeck – Spud Valley Model Railroad: “I look forward to Tuesday nights coming out here, and we model railroad, and we talk about trains and trains we saw over the week.”

In recent years those numbers on Tuesday night are dropping, and fewer young people are showing up.

Don Radeck: “A lot of it’s the electronic age, it’s easier to sit at the computer screen and play video games and stuff like that I see that with my own son”

Some of the decline may also have to do with the real railroads they’re based on. 
Full article and video by


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How To Make LED Lighting For Your Model Train Coaches

Here’s how to make a row of LED lighting for your model train coaches. This is a great addition to any model train coaches you have and will certainly add to the realism and bring them to life…

The coach lighting is made using a small lighting board (with 3 x SMD LED’s), 4 diodes to make a bridge rectifier and an additional capacitor to store some power. The stored power in the capacitor eliminates the annoying switching on and off of lights as your coach travels the track. This is due to connectivity issues between the track and the coach pickup, usually caused by dirty track. 

Click the video to play and turn up your speakers…

Thanks to scoopmmr for this great video.


>> lighting kits for model railroads

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Model Railroad Tips: Using An Old Boxcar As An Advertising Billboard

Boxcars on your model railroad may serve many different purposes. They could be used for hauling almost any type of cargo. But, what about using a static boxcar as an advertising billboard?

This would make for an interesting addition to any model railroad. 

Here’s an article from Ryan Kunkle that explains this idea in more detail (with pictures)…

Taking a cue from another railroad that once roamed this valley, the Lehigh Valley, the Reading and Northern uses this old boxcar as a large billboard. The scroll on the right features a hand-painted map of the railroad advertising their direct route to Canada… rest of article here

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Which Model Train Set For Adults?

There is a huge amount of variety out there today but which is the best model train set for adults?

To the person that is not familiar with model trains or model railroading they can all look the same… But, to the person in the know there is a huge difference.

The first thing to know about the person you are buying for is, are they likely to expand the model train set you give them into a bigger model railroad?

Some adults are content with just having their model train set operational at Christmas around the tree or on a table… Knowing this will help you choose the best model train set for an adult.

The next thing to consider is the size or scale of the model train set. A small scale will allow a bigger set in a smaller area, while a bigger scale might suit the more mature person with failing eyesight.

Controlling the locomotive has advanced a long way lately and in the past you would have bought a DC powered train, whereas today I would suggest you only look at the DCC controlled model train set. This will give the user much more functionality and enjoyment from their new model train set.

Model train sets have been made to represent almost every real life railroad that ever existed. Some people prefer the old steam engine era, while others prefer the diesel locomotive because it reminds them of where they used to live. This is a personal preference and has no bearing on the functionality of the train set, but it’s worth considering. 

Price is the last consideration, because you do get what you pay for. Model train sets for adults are usually upwards of $100 with the better ones closer to $500. Model train sets with longer track, are easily expanded and have a more robust and effecient locomotive will cost more.

That gives you some idea of what to look for in a good model train set for an adult. Have fun and please tell us which model train set you picked up…



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