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Which Locomotive Do You Choose?

A good quality locomotive will make all the difference…
It can be very frustrating having a locomotive that you need to push to get going, or it suddenly speeds up and falls off the tracks.
A locomotive runs by picking up the electricity from the track through its wheels. The wheels transfer the electricity to the motor, which then turns the gears to drive the locomotive.
A locomotive with poor pickup on the wheels or a poor gear set up will give you lots of problems…
As with most things, you get what you pay for… But this is one area you do not want to skimp on.
A great operating locomotive is 90% of the way to having a fantastic model train layout.
When buying a locomotive these points are critical:

  • The amount of metal wheels that pick up the electricity – the more the better, but definitely more than 1 set.
  • A good gearing ratio and motor which requires the least amount of electricity to move the locomotive, with a slow but smooth start.
  • Flywheels at one or both ends of the motor to ensure a smooth take off and smooth stop.
  • The weight of the locomotive should be just right to maintain a good connection to the track at all times but not too heavy to make the locomotive sluggish.
  • The length of the locomotive – shorter diesel locomotives are less likely to derail on the curves than longer steam locomotives.
Most hobby shops will let you test the locomotive on their in-house test tracks before you buy.
Test the locomotive forwards and backwards… Check for a nice smooth take off and a nice smooth stop when the power is ramped up or down.
I usually go into my local hobby shop after doing my research online, test the locomotive, check prices online and then negotiate with the hobby shop…
That tip has saved me nearly 30% of the retail price in some cases…
Buy quality when you buy your locomotives… I guarantee the investment will be well worth it.
LGB Model Train Display 

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Another Garden Railroad

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Model Train Conversations

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Voltage for 3 way switch remote control by Model Power – Just purchased #98 Brass 3 Way Switch Remote Control by Model Power. Direction state need minimum of 12 volt to operate. How do you determine if the transformer is supplying that amount.The transformer I would like to use list the following… read more

Need help with simple turnout layout – I decided on using Atlas HO true-track components for the grandkids initial model railroad. However, I am having difficulty with part of the layout. I am planning a 22" radius oval with two remote turnouts (Atlas 480 and 481). What Atlas components do I need to complete the radius between the two turnouts (circled in my attachment layout)… read more

Lighting Adjustments – I am curious what the model railroad "experts" can suggest with respect to proper wiring of structure lighting in order to adjust brightness. Should I use resistors to cut down on the voltage to achieve the desired effect, or could I install a rheostat-type device… read more

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Complete Model Railroader How To System

Model Trains For Beginners

This is "must have" information for all beginners and intermediate level model railroaders. It is a downloadable book and can be read within minutes.

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Model Train Help

Model Train Help

This is the perfect resource for advanced model railroaders.

It is a detailed 200+ page ebook packed to the brim with detailed technical solutions.

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Creating Orchards For Your

Model Railroad

Orchards and the growing of fruit and nuts is very common in most countries. So, most model railroads should at least have an orchard or 2.

Different fruits and nuts are harvested at different times of the year. And those fruits are usually transported by rail around the country.

To create an orchard, you will need to decide which kind of orchards you want to create.

Fruit, nut and other trees are available in most scales. Most orchard trees are kept short so the pickers can reach the fruit easily.

Do your research because most fruit trees have pink or white flowers when they blossom.

The trees are usually evenly spaced to allow easy access by pickers and the trucks. Some orchards are fenced, others have irrigation lines  and picking and sorting sheds

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Model Train Stuff

Model Railroading can be a very expensive hobby, if you buy everything new and pay the full retail price.

We are always searching for better deals and ways to help our readers (especially the beginners) to get started with a limited budget, hopefully this will help:

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Photos Submitted by Subscribers

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model train scene

Model train layout by Mike Gillespie

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Perth, Australia - model train expo

Model Railroad Expo – Perth, AU

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model trains

Model railway by James Mackay

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