Model Train Layout Scenery Photos From A Beginner

A few months ago we covered Matt’s story after he had started creating some amazingly good scenery as a beginner.

Well, Matt has progressed even further and has sent in some updated photographs.

Matt’s model train layout is ho-scale and he is modeling a Canadian west coast scene.

Great job Matt, it looks fantastic…

Enjoy the photos and please leave your comments at the bottom of this page… Matt would appreciate the feedback!


































Please leave your comment below… Thank-you!

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14 Responses to “Model Train Layout Scenery Photos From A Beginner”

  1. David Wells says:

    Very nice work Matt,

    I am just starting my lay out and looking for good ideas. I am doing South West BNSF. Taking pictures of the area to make it as exact as I can.

    Thanks for the pictures. Real nice.


  2. dlnorth says:

    I just got back from a trip to Princess Louisa Inlet in BC and your steep sided scenery reminds me of the Inlet which is very similar. How long did it take to make what you have done so far? The constructive feedback I would offer is that the trees and brush look a little too regularly spaced? This really only shows up in the big picture standing in the distance. A little more random placement of the foliage, particularly the small stuff, might help.

  3. mikeford123 says:

    These photos look great, well dode for the effort that you have put in to this layout, looks a little different from your first photos shown some time ago.

  4. Anthony says:

    Excellent job. I will have to find space and make a starton my meagre pension.

  5. SAR says:

    most impressive and well done! Is that modelled on the Fraser Canyon? I am in Calgary and part of my layout is trying to represent Field and the mountains in that area.
    Hope I can do as well as you do.
    We are holidaying in Sicamous so watching trains is easy and great fun

  6. willy says:

    great work,I wish i could do that good. Im just starting the transcontentle 119/ jupiter line throw the mountains

  7. ronnie says:

    Great detail. a lot of work I see you truly love the hobby

  8. Rob says:

    Nice mountain! The rock faces could be drawn out more with the use of some Woodland scenic fine turf. Would give it a little more woodland look and not so barren on the upper rock faces.

  9. Doug says:

    For a beginner, truly a great start. keep up the good work,,,,,, Doug

  10. Truthnet says:

    If this is a beginners work what will come in a few years experience? I see he really likes to work in rock. Maybe a little color tint on the rocks may help. Keep up the nice work.

  11. mike says:

    the pictures are very good and it gave me some ideas for my lay out. i’m just getting started on my train lay outs. thank for sharing these with us.

  12. Darrell says:

    Very nice work. Inspiring for all. And just remember, if you are happy with the results, keep going. Also, while I may agree with other comment posted that anyone, including me, that can accept constructive criticism, without taking it personal, is a better person for it. With what you are already doing, can’t wait to see more in the future! Happy railroading.

  13. Reg Whelan says:

    Well Done!
    Always remember Massive imperfect action will always be an improvement on no action at all.

    If something doesn’t fit later then, hey, you only have to change it


  14. Rob says:

    WOW!!! And Matt’s a beginner? AMAZING!!!

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