Model Railroading Scenery – Making Rocks For The Rocky Outcrops (video)

Creating realistic looking rocky outcrops for your model railroad will be one of the most satisfying part of your hobby. Watch this video to see how you can easily do this…

Click the video to play and turn up your speakers


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4 Responses to “Model Railroading Scenery – Making Rocks For The Rocky Outcrops (video)”

  1. john says:

    hi found that macking the rocks is fun ,to do if you dont waist .the plaster .but you must mixs it just right ,i find the best way to paint them .that if you are fritend to paint then .when thay are in plac .why dont you mack one just to pratis on when painting .then it will give you some idea wat to do .befor you start to paint then on your layout .becuse if you paint then on your layout and you make a mistake .i find it harder to put right .becuse if it dosent look right you will have a problem trying to sort it out .becuse if you try to take the rocks out or try to dig them out .you could have a biger problem .then you have got to start again .wich coud be expensive so try and do some sampels first .but make suer you ues a lot of paper when you are plastering as it could be a mesey job for thoese who havent got a stedey hand best of look from john sorry about the speing .

  2. Steve says:

    I have not used Woodland Scenics moulds but have already considered them if I need any rock formatioms on my layout. perticularly liked the demonstration and effects of the leopard spotting tecknigue and the black highlighting wash.

  3. John says:

    Hello author , I love getting my weekly newsletter , it gives me great ideas, one area I’m working on at the moment is rock formations so I was looking forward to this letter, however the. Link to the rock formation never appeared on my pc, have other people had this problem, and is it possible to send me another link please so that I can see it
    Thank you

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