Model Railroading: Building an imaginary world

I was recently asked by my nephew if I was familiar with a show called Adventures in Willoughby. To be honest I had never heard of it, but he thought that it would be something that would peak my interest as it contains a model railroad. Upon doing some research I found that the show is in fact an educational programme for children which (in the makers own words) aims to empower children in creativity through model railroading. 

I’m happy to see that there are shows like this (as well as my firm favourite, Thomas the Tank Engine) which will no doubt ignite a passion for model railroading in the children of today, who will then become the model railroaders of tomorrow.

Anyway, the reason I brought up Adventures in Willoughby is because while looking into the show I found a great video in which the shows creator, Mark Bresher, shows us how the layout was made from the ground up over the course of a year. In the video there are some great tips on track laying and scenery making.

The video is 30 minutes, so best make yourself a nice cup of tea before clicking play.


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