Model Railroad: What Is Flex Track?

The standard model railroad track comes in a variety of different sections.

These model railroad track sections could be straight or curved and come in full sections or half sections and other different configurations.

There is a huge selection and the right configuration of model railroad track sections will give you a great layout.

However, sometimes these track sections are not quite right to provide the layout you require. You might want a better flow of track or maybe you don’t want too many joiners and flex track provides the perfect solution.

Here’s what Ryan Kunkle had to say about flex track…

Working with individual track sections has its convenience, but for free-flowing original track designs, flex track is a better option. Working with flex track takes some care and practice but with a little patience and know-how, even a beginner can pick it up quickly. Flex track is a bendable track section that can be shaped to any radius. One rail is fixed while the other slides in the cradles. Sections come in 18 to 36 inch lengths in N, HO, and O scales. Narrow gauges are available too. [full article here]


Are you using flex track on your model railroad? Please tell us about your experience in the comments section below.

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