Model Railroad Track Risers For All Scales – Make Sure You Get Those Gradients Right

A model railroad with different track levels makes for a much more interesting and realistic layout.

Beginners tend to stay away from raised track levels, probably because they look difficult to achieve.

The truth is it is actually very simple!

The main issue with different track levels is getting the gradient right from the lower level to the next level.

Make it too steep and it’s going to look unrealistic and your locomotive will probably struggle to get up the incline, or loose traction between the wheels and track.

The other problem is that the couplers can become mis-aligned and uncouple if the gradient change from the bottom level to the incline and then the upper level is too much. You need a gradual smooth grade.

However, you also can’t have a very small gradient to get to the next level, because you don’t have enough space…

The ideal incline, or grade, is somewhere in between.

Today it is simple to achieve the right grade with the 2%, 3% or 4% incline kits that are available. Watch the video to see how.

Click the video to play… Turn up your speakers!

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