Looking For A Model Train Table? Here Are Some Options

Model trains need somewhere to be set-up and run. Generally, a model train table is used to display your train track, train and all the accessories that come with it.

Ideally, a model train table should have some special factors as it relates to its construction. For instance, it should be accessible from the center as well as the sides. They must also permit electrical wires to be run underneath.

The table should be sturdy so that it can hold scale models and easy enough to disassemble so the railroader can take it anywhere to put on display, if he wants. Most likely, if you need a table which meets these requirements, then you will have to build it yourself.

The Sawhorse – The easiest way to create a model train table is to get a couple of sawhorses and lay a piece of plywood across them to make a table.

This will allow the model railroader to move about with ease and have easy access to all the parts of the model. The great thing about the sawhorse table is that it is easy to cover with papier-mâché landscaping.

The downside however is that it can be unstable and not so visually appealing. You can use table skirting to fix the problem of it looking unsightly though. Another downside is that it can be difficult to take apart if you want to move it.

The sawhorse can be a good starter table if you are a beginner, but ultimately you will want to upgrade to something else.

Indoor Sports Table – Another alternative is to use an old indoor sports table.

This can be really practical if you don’t have a large set-up and need something sturdy. You can use an old pool table, football table or even a dining room table would be great.

This is an inexpensive option as long as you are using old and used ones. The problem with this option is that you will have a problem moving it around and you won’t be able to have a hole in the center for easy access to all parts of the scenery.

Also, you may not be able to run the electrical wiring through the tables and will have to hide it among the landscape features.

Wooden Pallets – This is an adaptation of the sawhorse table. They are however much more adaptable. You can use a table skirt to conceal the raw edges and it makes for a sturdy surface for your landscape.

In addition, there is lots of room underneath to run the electrical wiring. They can be placed on sawhorses, tables or outfitted with custom legs. Either way they are great for easy moving around.

Custom-built Tables – Custom made model train tables can be built out of any material, so you dictate the sturdiness. You can even make them so they can be disassembled along the track break lines. These are ideal for big, showy model train sets.

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