Kids Can Learn So Much From Model Trains

“Videogames have taken over kids’ lives,” Bochicchio said. “Kids don’t build anything anymore. I want them to be able to use their hands, to be able to make models. Basically I want them to have a finished product when they’re done, something they can be proud of.”

For Bochicchio, it’s his eight-year-old autistic son who rekindled his interest in the hobby. He saw it as a way to connect with his child and also remember the time he spent with his own father decades ago.

While building his own collection, Bochicchio became acquainted with the online hobby community. It wasn’t long before he created an electronic storefront and his house turned into a model train warehouse. After the post-Christmas demand didn’t die down

Dan Morgan from has been trying for years to encourage kids into the hobby of model trains. Video games just don’t give you those hands-on skills so important in life.

It’s been widely reported that the planning, construction, problem solving and creativity skills developed with building a model train layout are unrivaled in any other hobby.

People that complain that it is an expensive hobby just haven’t realized the full potential of the hobby. If you are new to model trains, check out

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