Huge HO Scale Model Railroad



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8 Responses to “Huge HO Scale Model Railroad”

  1. scoupe says:

    Loved the video, but could hardly hear the voice……train noises were fine.

  2. David says:

    Some sound problems – volume levels went up and down. Camera viewpoints were too high so everything looked like a model and not the real thing. Needed to get the camera down lower

  3. beana says:

    nice layout….great scenery!….liked the simulation speed of the rolling stock….seemed much more realistic….No Warp Speed here…..thanx!!

  4. Vern says:

    Having had the privilege of seeing this layout in person, I can tell you the owner is a top notch modeler, and the layout looks even better up close. It is well detailed and weathered and runs well.

  5. Lee says:

    I thought it was a good promo video. Could be used at MR events including local MR open house.

  6. Glenn says:

    Liked the video and the layout. The volume of his voice was a little low at times. Woul like to see more video’s of his layout.

  7. KEN says:


  8. mark noble says:

    I love your layout it looks like many years have gone into it .
    I specially like your clubs mission statement to attract kids into the hobby I belong to a club where I live Canberra Australia I took my son along when he was younger because he wanted to have a hobby that me and him could be involved only to be told we don’t allow kids to learn or touch the trains there is over 30 members in this club mostly adults its a shame here the toy shops don’t sell model trains and there is only one hobby shop with our population of 2 million but I found out its not just here but all through Australia.

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