How to Create Water Effects With Magic Water

A few days ago we discussed creating ponds, rivers and waterfalls with a product by Woodlands Scenics called E-Z Water.

Today Dave shows us what could be a better alternative called Magic Water. It is easy to mix, easy to tint and can be poured deep.

Dave demonstrates in this video how to easily create muddy water, swampy areas, ponds with depth and much more.

This looks like a great alternative, thanks Dave.

Have you tried Magic Water? Tell us what you think.

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9 Responses to “How to Create Water Effects With Magic Water”

  1. Will Farr says:

    Amazing help with water effects, possibly the best help segment I’ve seen so far. Thanks.

  2. MMCKEEVER says:

    Interesting video. I don’t like the final results as much as the host does.

  3. Matt says:

    Great info. Looks pretty authentic.

  4. david j howarth says:

    I think it is very effective especially when painted base first

  5. Gatorcub says:


    It may just be the pictures, but it looks like the Magic Water crawls up the sides of the “banks”. Have you experimented with adding a second layer to see if it has the same effect?

    Other than that, it looks very much like water.


  6. johnwoodpecker1 says:

    hi there i like the idea of your roads ,it is intrested,but how do you do all ,this on curves,do you have anyidea,also were do you get the transfairs from for the roads, regard john h,

  7. Bob says:

    My model railroad layout is made entirely out of foam, can magic water be used to make a stream without melting the foam base underneath? Even paints I used have to be latex base or I get a melting of the foam.

  8. Rob says:

    Hi i think it is a very good video. As he says you have got to seal the surface properly if you are using foam or polystyrene as the “Water” will eat the foam.Any acrylic paint painted on the foam first will do. regards Rob

  9. Ed Bucknell says:

    Great way to get introduced to Michigan Toy Soldier. It was a simple, very understandable, and the video was very good. My train table is taking me back to when I was a kid in Howell, MI. We had many, many ponds and lakes, as you know, and I have been keeping an eye open for just your presentation. Some practice will be necessary, but I am confident it will work. Thank you.

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