HO Scale Model Train Layouts – Why You Should Consider HO Scale

HO scale model train layouts are incredibly popular. However in the United Kingdom they are referred to OO scale. They are not exactly the same but very close.

The popularity has come about because you don’t need a lot of space to enjoy a well detailed model railroad.

Model Railways in HO scale are 1:87, which means they are 1/87 the size of a real train.

This is a great size to be able to handle, but not too small that you struggle to see all the detail. HO model railways can be easily created on a 4 foot x 8 foot table or as large as you want to go.

Adding some level of realism to a HO scale model train layout is so much easier than the larger G scale or the small z scale. And expanding a ho scale model railway is easy, with the huge amount of accessories available.

You will find it to be the most economical scale to model with. Because of the huge demand, the manufacturers have been able to mass produce accessories for ho scale model train layouts. This has obviously brought the price down and provided a huge amount of choice.

I have seen many great starter electric train sets with digital command control for as low as $150.00. In the past I would have warned you not to purchase these starter electric train sets because you would run into a problem when you tried to expand it.

Usually the problems started with a power pack that would just handle the small oval track, 1 locomotive and no more. As soon as you added more track the power pack would struggle to send the power all the way around the track and you would end up with varying voltages around the track. This resulted in the locomotive starting and stopping erratically.

Nowadays, the starter electric train sets come with digital command control which eliminates the voltage drop problem and some are capable of handling up to 10 locomotives. They are amazing!

So, if you are looking at HO scale model train layouts, you may want to start there.

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