G Scale Model Trains

In this video Veronica Hill of California Travel Tips shows you one of the best examples of a G scale model railroad in California.

This model train layout features more than 3,000 feet of track and the world’s largest G-scale wooden trestle.

Seven trains chug by old mining towns, below Mount Rushmore and past the historic Wigwam Motel.

Parts of the track follow the Grand Canyon Railway from Williams Depot to the Grand Canyon South Rim, where passengers are dropped off at the historic El Tovar hotel.

Nearby, above the rushing Colorado River, you’ll find a cluster of Indian Cliff Dwellings and Navajo hogans.

Next time you’re in Southern California, don’t miss this fun model train exhibit. It’s sure to captivate the entire family.


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  1. Thanks for the video will stop by the next time were in california. Have a great day Rusty

  2. Jerry says:

    out standing.

  3. Jared Ebaugh says:

    wow what a big layout I going to build one of those some day? 🙂

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