Creating Model Train Water Features That Are Realistic Looking With E-Z Water

This is why I love this hobby so much… Everyone is so willing to help out.

Yesterday I posted a video by Dave who showed us how to create the water in a pond as part of a model railway. He used a product called E-Z Water by Woodlands Scenics.

See the video here

Some readers emailed back and told me of their own experiences, but there was one reader who has added some great experience and knowledge to the conversation.

Here is an excerpt of what Carman had to say:

The proceedure Dave discussed might be fine for rank amateurs, but anyone wanting some real looking water won’t be happy with the results at all.

  1. This stuff (E-Z Water) should be applied in layers of no more than 1/2 inch think, it say’s so right on the bag.
  2. You can add dye in varying degrees to demonstrate depth.
  3. You can rough it up by using a hair dryer on it, in fact they recommend you use a hair dryer to keep it moving along and to help clean out any air bubbles that may get into it.
  4. You can not only stick stuff in the top layer like boats, make the surface look wavy by playing it with a hair dryer, but you can embed stuff in it for several layers, like old trees sticking up out of the river bed, fish swimming under the surface or jumping, and reeds.
  5. Reeds can either be pre-applied and glued to the river bed, as can rocks and other goodies, but can also be embedded in some of the layers as well.
  6. The other thing not mentioned, E-Z Water’s big sales pitch, is you can eradicate dust build up on the surface by simply applying a little heat from a hair dryer and the dust will disappear.

Just thought I should also mention these other little items… You can also make water falls with it by using a dried base of white glue for the liquid E-Z Water to run down. If you do it slowly, so that the E-Z Water sets on the way down, it can look very impressive. A little picking and pricking at the bottom while the water sets, and a touch of white paint to show froth, and walla… authentic looking water falls.

Thanks Carman, that is great advice and something we should all try out.

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