Create your own Scenery : Model Railroad Print Out Buildings

As I have touched on in my last few posts, building the scenery for your layout is one of the most rewarding, enjoyable, and relaxing (for the most part) aspects of model railroading. And if you’ve been paying attention (I hope you have been) then you will see that not only is this scenery realistic, its also cheap and easy to do. 

While on the lookout for more ways to help you in creating your dream layout, I came across a nice little resource for making your own buildings using print out kits. It’s a simple case of print out the building plans, stick them to card, cut them out and glue together. What could be simpler?

The bonus of using these kits is that once you have it, you can print out and make as many of that building as you like. It’s a great way to populate your layout with buildings.

Also these kits can be resized to suit the scale of your layout

  • OO scale is 100%
  • HO reduce the print to 87%
  • S enlarge the print to 118%
  • Z reduce the print to 35%
  • N reduce the print to 48%

Model Railroad Print Out Building Kits


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