Create your own Scenery : Cheap and Easy Trees

A great deal of the enjoyment that you can get from model railroading comes from designing your own structures and scenery for your layout. After all its the scenery that makes your layout unique. 

While you can simply buy and install scenery elements to your layout, there is a great deal of satisfaction from making everything yourself. Not only does it give your layout a more personal touch, it can also save you money, which could be better used towards buying the elements which you can’t make yourself, such as trains, tracks and controllers.

In the following video you will see a short tutorial on how to quickly make cheap, but realistic looking trees, using mostly items that you can pick up cheaply in your local hardware store.

With some tinkering you can use the same materials and technique to make realistic looking hedges as well.

You can also use different shades of green ground cover to your trees and hedges to make them even more realistic. Theres a good selection of ground covers here.


If you have anymore tips and tricks on how to make scenery for your layout using household items then leave them in the comments below.


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