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How To Clean Model Train Tracks And Model Train Wheels

Woodland Scenics have come out with a great product to clean your model train tracks and model train wheels. It’s called the Tidy Track Rail & Wheel Maintenance System. Dirty tracks are a problem for most model railroaders especially when they don’t run their trains for a long time. Woodland Scenics have the perfect solution […]


How To Build Roads And Paved Areas For Your Model Railroad

Here’s a great video explaining how to easily create roads and paved areas for your model railroad using the Woodland Scenics range of products. Matt takes you step-by-step through the process of making a road and a railroad crossing. Here are the items mentioned (or shown) in the video: Paving Tape, 1/4″ x 30′ (click here) […]


Dave’s Model Train Layout After 2 Years Of Work

Dave has built an amazing model train layout over the years. Have a look at the video below which was taken in 2009 after 2 years of work on his model train layout. We often get emails from frustrated beginners who are complaining about how long it takes to plan a model train layout and […]


Improving Your Model Railroad With Simple Animations

There is nothing better than a well detailed and realistic looking model railroad… And Laurie is the King of detailing his model railroad… Have a look at the video below to see how Laurie has added some clever animation to his Blackstone C-19 locomotive and caboose. It is amazing what can be achieved with some […]


Laurie Makes Fine Adjustments To His Blackstone Locomotive Bells

Laurie is a perfectionist and has made some fine adjustments to his Blackstone locomotive bells. The bell swing action now perfectly matches the Tsunami sound.  A model railroad is never finished and it is a lot of fun… Look out for the Hollywood car in the background! Please leave your comments below.


Model Railroad Tunnel Access

Many of you asked how Dave gets access to any trains that may derail in his long tunnel… Well the video below demonstrates how. So many beginners make the mistake of creating elaborate tunnels in mountains and completely forget about need to get access after a derailment. Hopefully this video has helped. Please comment below… […]

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