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Adding a Working Bell and Lights to a Steam Engine

Laurie has added a working bell and lights to this Hon3 Blackstone K-27 locomotive. Laurie achieved this by installing a tiny motor in the cabin which is connected to a 2nd decoder. The decoder is programmed to work the bell, the classification marker lamps and the firebox flicker under the locomotive. It looks sensational… Enjoy […]


Model Train Tunnel Construction

Watch this video as Dave demonstrates how he constructed his new tunnels for his model railroad. Take note of when Dave explains the removable section to correct any future derailments. Often beginners will create elaborate tunnels and forget about access when the train derails in the tunnel. Click play and turn up your speakers… Do […]


Modified Blackstone C-19 Locomotives And Coaches To Inspire You

This is a demonstration by Laurie of his 3 Blackstone HOn3 C-19 locomotives. Laurie is a brilliant model railroader and has modified these locomotives to include much more functionality and animations… Look out for these in the video, they are amazing. 2nd decoders, installation of SMD LED’s and perfectly synced working bells with the Tsunami […]


How To Set Up A Model Train Set for Adults

Looking for information on how to set up a model train set for adults? Then check out this video which shows how to set up a Walthers HO scale trainline model train set. Model train sets are a great way to get started in the hobby. But model train sets for adults differ from the […]


A Model Railroad Is Never Finished

A model railroad is never finished and this is what makes model railroading so much fun. Things will always need changing and upgrading, so don’t think for a minute that you’ll build your model railroad and then have nothing to do. Model railroading is a lifetime hobby and that means a lifetime of fun and […]

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